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Coronavirus Information and Precautions

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May 9, 2020

Dear Residents and Families,

All Sierra Valley Rehab Center residents have been tested for COVID-19 and we will continue testing on an ongoing basis and as needed.

Since we learned of our positive COVID-19 residents, we have continued to work daily with the California Department of Public Health and they assure us that our plans and protocols are in line with the CDC infection control guidelines. We are also in regular communication with Tulare County Health and Human Services and the CDC. We continue to implement all current CMS, CDC, and CDPH guidelines regarding COVID-19.

Sierra Valley Rehab Center is also working with the California Medical Assistance Team (CAL-MAT). CAL-MATs are a group of highly trained medical professionals assisting us with our COVID-19 isolation unit.

Through this process, we have learned that COVID-19 is unpredictable. We have had COVID-19 positive residents that are asymptomatic, symptomatic, with some exhibiting more than one symptom.

All residents who receive a positive COVID-19 test result are attended by a COVID-Dedicated Care Team and remain in isolation as part of our containment plan. Our facility has an adequate supply of personal protective equipment (PPE).

We want to reassure you that our first concern is now, and has always been, the health and safety of your loved ones, our residents. Our healthcare team has been doing heroic work and will continue to perform their duties.

We are communicating with our COVID-19 positive residents’ loved ones on a regular basis and as needed. We encourage both residents and loved ones to continue communicating with each other by email or enjoying time on Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype. Visitation restrictions, per CDC guidelines, continue for skilled nursing facilities.

If you have a family member in our care and would like an update on his or her condition, please call our facility at (559) 784-7375. You can also visit our website for additional helpful information and visit these links to the CDC ( and CMS ( websites.


Katharine Ali